St. Lucie Medical Center
July 21, 2014

Port St. Lucie, Florida—Almost 100 people attended the St. Lucie Medical Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony where it was announced that St. Lucie Medical Center will continue to put patient needs first by being the first on the Treasure Coast to open a Senior Emergency Room (ER) and expand into western St. Lucie County with a freestanding emergency department at Darwin Square.

photo of st. lucie medical center er ribbon cutting

Officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the 16,000-square-foot-facility expansion located at 1800 S.E. Tiffany Ave. “With the growing demand for emergency care, this newly renovated emergency department offers patients throughout Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast access to quality emergency services, coupled with the first Senior ER, all in one convenient location,” said Jay Finnegan, chief executive officer of St. Lucie Medical Center.

St. Lucie Medical Center began the $9.3 million dollar expansion of its Emergency Department in early April 2014 in order to have the state-of-the art facilities to match the high quality care provided to its patients. Key features include: 35 all-private rooms: 3 new trauma rooms, 1 isolation room, 1 behavioral health room, 1 OB/GYN room, 4 “Fast Track” rooms, 9 observation rooms; an increase of 10,000 square feet; two new canopy entrances; new EMS lounge; and dedicated senior rooms and services.

“Our new Senior ER will provide those over 65 the special attention when they are in need of care. While our ER staff provides prompt, quality care to every patient, we recognize that seniors have specific needs. Our Senior ER aims to please our rapidly growing senior community,” said Jim Kruger, RN, BS, CEN, associate vice president of nursing and emergency services.

About the Senior ER

The Senior ER features the following:

  • Streamlined triage process
  • Dedicated senior rooms with additional in-room seating for family
  • Hearing amplifiers
  • Magnifiers for small print
  • White boards with large writing to communicate the custom plan of care
  • Comfort features—soft music, aromatherapy
  • Pocket cards for medications and allergies
  • One-on-one help with the electronic medical record and scheduling follow up appointments
  • Special attention to discharge planning
  • Senior Sensitivity Training for all staff

“My long-standing relationship with St. Lucie Medical Center began with a trip to the emergency room,” said Pascual Otazu. “I have been to St. Lucie Medical Center many times. Every time, they treat me like a friend, and I received high-quality care. As a senior, it is always scary coming to the hospital. That’s why I am looking forward to the special care that I will receive with the new focus on seniors.”

Jyric Sims, chief operating officer of St. Lucie Medical Center, also shared that they will continue to provide access to faster emergency care and have a venue to re-connect with patients in the western part of St. Lucie County by building a freestanding emergency center at Darwin Square in Port St. Lucie. “Residents in western Port St. Lucie need fast access to high quality, convenient care. Many residents have their treating physicians on our medical staff and providing a freestanding emergency center is a patient-friendly way to improve access and drive down wait times.”

About the Emergency Center at Darwin Square

The St. Lucie Medical Center ER located at Darwin Square will be equipped to handle any emergency situation and built with special consideration for pediatric and geriatric patients and their families.

The new facility will be designed with western Port St. Lucie in mind, conveniently located with ample parking and will include:

  • Board-Certified Emergency Physicians
  • State-of-the-art emergency medicine
  • Separate pediatric treatment rooms and waiting space
  • Emergency areas tailored to meet the needs of senior patients
  • On premise laboratory, imaging and diagnostic services
  • Online pre-registration services
  • Open 24/7