Commuting, kids, hobbies, school, family, volunteer work and other activities all compete for your time, and balancing priorities can at times be stressful. The Human Resources department at St. Lucie Medical Center recognizes the demands on your time and has put programs in place to address them. The programs listed below are just a few of the ways St. Lucie Medical Center is striving to help you balance work and life.

Job Sharing

St. Lucie Medical Center recognizes that some employees need extra flexibility and has put a program in place that allows employees to share a job or a shift. In the job sharing role, you and your partner work out how you want to work your shift.

Flexible Scheduling

Many St. Lucie Medical Center departments schedule in four-, eight- and 12-hour increments. We also offer regular evening/night differentials.

Community Interaction and Support

St. Lucie Medical Center and its employees are committed to helping build a better community. You can find SLMC employees at cancer walks, March of Dimes fundraisers and the American Heart Walk, among other community events. Staff also sponsors the United Way and hosts a variety of events such as bake sales to support local organizations as well as Care Share - a service that provides funds for SLMC employees in times of emergency.

Employee Assistance

Living Healthy Working Well! St. Lucie Medical Center offers an excellent Employee Assistance Program, through which employees are given five free, confidential counseling sessions with licensed and experienced counselors and psychologists. These sessions can be used to help employees deal with work/life issues such as marriage, divorce, death or other common but stressful life issues.

Employee Wellness

St. Lucie Fitness Center is dedicated to providing a comprehensive fitness program to the community. The experienced staff is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each member. St. Lucie Fitness Center is designed to provide educational resources, health screenings and wellness programs in an effort to raise awareness and encourage healthy lifestyles. The program provides employee health fairs, screenings and educational discussions on a variety of health issues.