Nursing at St. Lucie Medical Center is built on a long tradition of caring. Serving the community for 25 years, we understand the importance of delivering patient centered care to our local community. Our moderate size allows us to better focus on “nursing as caring”, the central core to our nursing practice. Our team approach, utilizing all components of the healthcare discipline assists in planning and delivering high quality patient care and assures that patients receive the best care available.

St. Lucie Medical Center was named one of the five “Destination Hospital for Nurses” nationwide in 2002 by the Healthcare Advisory Board, a Washington D.C. based research organization. This title is based on the healthcare organization’s ability to attract and retain top nursing talent. This honor is particularly significant especially during the worst times of the nursing shortage.

This is a very exciting time for nursing at St. Lucie Medical Center. Our “journey to nursing excellence” has afforded us countless accomplishments through various nursing councils led by our nursing staff from different levels and areas of expertise. In addition, our “patient centered care” delivery model has enriched our culture of caring, empathy and safety. Our continued focus on evidence-based nursing practice has also elevated the practice of professional nursing at SLMC.

I invite you to visit us and feel the “caring” culture that sets St. Lucie Medical Center apart from other facilities.

alt="Nancy Hilton, RN MN"

Nancy Hilton, RN MN
Chief Nursing Officer