Breathe in. Breathe out. The heart beats, the lungs inflate and deflate, and we never think about it. It seems so simple…until it’s not happening the way it’s supposed to. Then it’s a comfort to know that the members of the Cardiopulmonary Department at St. Lucie Medical Center are on the job, 24/7. The 35 members of the Cardiopulmonary Department staff handle all tests involving heart and lung function, and provide therapeutic treatments as needed.

There are seven main areas covered by the professionals in the Cardio Department. They include:

The experienced professional staff has a mix of credentials and certifications to provide the highest level of care.

One of the things the Cardio staff enjoys most about their job is the opportunity to work as a team and get to know almost every patient at St. Lucie Medical Center. Because of the scope of their work, the staff interacts with nearly all other departments and professionals in the hospital, and has the chance to be very involved in patient care. They work with patients, all across the board. From the newborns to the senior adult population, the staff gets to know them and has a hands-on relationship. The staff handles the care of all ventilators and of course, responds to all emergency codes in the hospital setting, which allows the Cardio staff to act as jacks of all trades. It is that challenge and ability to work together as a part of a medical team that keeps them fresh, invigorated, and passionate about their work.

The department is also known for its friendly attitude and sense of humor. Most members of the department have been hospital employees for many years and enjoy the teamwork and supportive family-style atmosphere here at SLMC. They’re always looking for new members of the team. The hospital’s close relationship with Indian River State College (IRSC) affords opportunities for internships and job shadowing programs to help students get a good look at a potential career path. They’re very proud of the fact that they’re always there when the public needs them. They enjoy the opportunity to be a part of this team. Indeed, the Cardiopulmonary Department is often the all-important breath of the matter, and an important member of your health care team.

St. Lucie Medical Center offers a wide range of cardiac and respiratory therapy testing for inpatients and outpatients. Services include therapeutic treatments, EKGs, EEGs, transthoracic, and transesophageal echocardiograms, carotid ultrasounds, cardiac stress testing and holter monitoring.