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General Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Content

Your musculoskeletal system, which comprises 206 bones that are connected by joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, protects your internal organs, supports your weight, and allows you to move. It’s a complex, interdependent system where even a minor disruption can result in discomfort and physical limitation. We can help. Your orthopaedist is trained to diagnose and treat various injuries, deformities, or diseases that interrupt this system. General orthopaedics addresses multiple common and complex conditions like:

Orthopedic patient

For each one of our patients, our goal is to restore the highest level of movement and function with the least risk. Our practice is committed to patient knowledge so we will thoroughly discuss your condition and review all treatment options. For many, non-surgical treatments like lifestyle changes, medication, physical therapy, and injections provide adequate relief from symptoms. Should your condition call for surgery, we will provide you and your family members with information about the procedure and work with you to plan the rehabilitation you may need. If you do elect to have surgery, rest assured that we are experienced and trained in the latest and most effective procedures including minimally invasive surgical techniques.