Breast center in Port St. Lucie

Patients in Port St. Lucie have easy access to advanced mammography services through St. Lucie Medical Center. Our Mammography Department is located directly across the street from our main hospital building at the Family Health Center and is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm

To schedule a mammogram, please contact our central scheduling department at (877) 331-7026.

Breast imaging services

Because breast cancer is most treatable when identified in its earliest stages, regular breast screening is a vital component of a woman's health plan. Our breast center offers advanced breast cancer screening services to aid in early detection for women on the Treasure Coast.

Our cancer care includes breast imaging services, such as:

  • Full-field digital mammography with the GE Senographe DS™ system
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Digital mammograms

We use a digital mammography system designed to meet a broad spectrum of clinical needs—from screening and diagnosis to preoperative and postoperative care. This system features the newest advances in technology designed to optimize and enhance image quality.

It offers advances in breast imaging, including patient comfort and user ergonomics, and gives the radiologist enhanced reading capability for better visualization across the entire breast. It's also designed exclusively to image the breasts in both female and male patients.

Digital mammography at St. Lucie Medical Center offers the following patient benefits:

  • Computer aided detection (CAD) helps the physician identify suspicious lesions and assists in earlier detection of breast cancer
  • Average exam time can be reduced up to 50 percent compared to traditional film-based mammograms
  • Ergonomic compression paddle shapes to the breast, optimizing the tissue presented for imaging
  • Compression speed of the paddle slows when coming into contact with the breast providing enhanced patient comfort
  • Narrow tube design allows for easy and relaxed patient positions during the exam
  • Easy wheelchair access to the system
  • Digital capability allows for image quality checks within seconds after exposure, giving physicians/technologists the ability to confirm image quality before the patient leaves the exam room
  • Better visibility of the breast, particularly near the skin line, the chest wall and in women with dense breast tissue
  • Advanced digital capabilities allow for breast images to be reviewed electronically for improved report turnaround times in the Mammography Department
  • Electronic archiving of patient images means easier retrieval and transmission of patient information to healthcare providers
  • Patient files can be easily created for referring physician review